III Amici Ristorante

1700 W Elizabeth Avenue
Linden, NJ 07036
Phone: (908) 862-0020

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Giovanni Lavorato is the Owner and Executive Chef of III Amici Ristorante in Linden, New Jersey. Established in 1990, III Amici is a family owned and operated Italian restaurant. Giovanni’s son Dante, is the general manager and his daughter Teresa is the office manager the restaurant. In 1975, established the Appian Way Restaurant in Orange, New Jersey. There he received acclaim and recognition in magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times, The Star Ledger, and Gourmet Magazine. After eight years at The Appian Way, Mr. Lavorato bought the Bel’Vedere Ristorante in Clifton, New Jersey. This very successful business also received recognition and awards, such as one awarded by II Messaggero Economico Mondiale. Mr. Lavorato was also awarded the title of II Cavaliere on the order of St. George, a prestigious honor in the Italian society. In 1990, he opened III Amici Ristorante and, in 1995, was awarded the Man of the Year award by II Ponte Italo-Americano International Cultural magazine. This award commended Mr. Lavorato’s achievements and leadership in the food service industry. Mr. Lavorato also received an award from the Italian Council of New York and another from Senator Scott from the State of New Jersey. In 2006 Giovanni was honored with the Business of the Year Award by the Union County Chamber of Commerce. III Amici Ristorante offers an extensive menu with authentic Italian dishes.

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