22 Black Foods Good For Health

In fashion, everyone adores the color black; it represents power, mystery, and elegance. But what about black-colored food?

Are people inclined to eat black colored food?

In recent years, there’s been a whole new fixation on black color food. Wherever I look, I see Black ice cream and Black macarons.

I visited the new resto in town, and I saw Squid Ink Noodles on the menu!

Why have consumers suddenly gone to the dark side?

Until recently, the benefits of eating black colored foods are always relegated to the background. That’s because “greens” have always been at the forefront of the food chain.

Time and again, experts tell us that healthy diets should contain leafy green veggies. Greens are high in fiber and vitamins; they are low in calories.

But there’s more to life than greens. Black-colored foods have proven their worth.

Sit back and learn the various foods you can consume and what benefits they can give you.

Healthy Black Colored Foods

1. Blackberries


Perhaps, this is the first food that comes to anyone’s mind. So, I’ll start here.

They are not only superb in taste; blackberries are super healthy!

Your best defense against free radicals is antioxidants. Blackberries have loads of those.

2. Black Rice

You may have heard about brown rice as a suitable replacement for white rice. But as it turns out, there’s a much better alternative – black rice!

With its nutty flavor and high organic pigment content, black rice helps to maintain good eye health. Because they contain many antioxidants and fiber, they have cancer-preventing qualities.

3. Black Pasta

I mentioned Squid Ink Noodles. You can also have Squid Ink Pasta.

It’s dyed with ink from – you guessed it – squid. You can present it with tomato and garlic-a nice, quick, filling meal.

The benefits? Squid provides sufficient omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for the heart.

4. Black Fungus

Okay, don’t be alarmed by the name. This food is an edible black mushroom with a shape like that of an ear.

If you opt for meatless meals, it’s the one for you. It’s an excellent addition to soups.

You can also stir-fry it along with your favorite veggies. You’ll love its chewiness.

5. Black Beans

It’s time for some legumes. Many health enthusiasts choose beans over meat because they are low in fat, cholesterol-free, and abundant in folate and other vitamins.

Replacing regular meat with black beans can help you lower bad cholesterol.

6. Black Olives

Have you heard of monounsaturated fats? They are fat molecules that decrease your harmful cholesterol levels.

Black olives are abundant in them. Sprinkle your pasta and pizza with black olive to make them healthier.

7. Black Grapes

Black Grapes

There are several colors of grapes, but most nutritionists say black is the best. Some variations have substantially more antioxidants compared to other colors.

These chemical substances aid in cell damage prevention. You can include black grapes in your cereals, oatmeal, pasta dishes, salads, and many others.

8. Black Lemonade

You can cool down with something dark. It’s pretty easy to create.

Pour some lemon juice into a big glass, and fill the glass with ice and water.

Stir in the contents of a few activated charcoal capsules, and add sugar to make the lemonade sweeter. There you have it – your dose of Vitamin C!

9. Black carrots

Black carrots have the same nutrients as fiber and vitamins found in the red and orange varieties. Its mild flavor goes well with stews, soups, and even dips.

10. Black garlic

It has twice the antioxidants that white garlic does, offering more anti-aging benefits. Black garlic also contains many essential amino acids that aid in protein synthesis in the body.

11. Black Bread

Did you know that white bread undergoes mechanical refinement to remove fiber? Many experts suggest replacing white bread with healthier alternatives like black bread.

There’s no mechanical refinement in making black bread, so it’s fiber-rich.

12. Black tomatoes

With a little less acid than red tomatoes, black ones have an earthy, almost smoky sweetness. Some describe the flavor as rich, like fine wine.

Black tomatoes have anti-inflammatory properties.

13. Black Cod Fish

Black cod may contain more omega-3 fatty acids compared to other fish. Mercury levels are comparatively low.

Try a slow roast or simply steam the fish.

14. Black Currant

Nutritionists swear by the health benefits of black currants. They are full of antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Did you know that in certain parts of the world, people use these edible berries for medicinal purposes?

People make jams and juices out of black currants.

15. Eggplant

Like most of the earlier foods mentioned, eggplant has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Experts recommend eating this vegetable to diabetics because it can regulate blood sugar.

What can you make from eggplants? You can make eggplant Parmesan with cheese or simply roast the veggie.

16. Black Quinoa

How do you get black quinoa? It’s a hybrid of white quinoa and lamb’s quarter, a kind of grain.

It is crunchier and more profound in color if you compare it with white quinoa. Black quinoa is a good source of iron, manganese, and other vital nutrients.

17. Century Eggs

These types of eggs are very rich in protein. Having lots of protein makes them a good source of body fuel.

Don’t be fooled by the name. These eggs, which originated from China, are not spoiled or rotten.

18. Black Radish

Also known as Spanish Radish, this black variety is slightly bigger than regular radishes. They also have a more robust flavor.

It has an excellent nutritional profile, containing several vitamins and minerals.

Other Black Colored Foods

Now it’s time for the not-so-healthy ones. But these black foods are sure to please you.

Hey, you are allowed your cheat days.

1. Black velvet cake

Black velvet cake

Black cocoa is the main ingredient and the main reason for the dark color of this sought-after dessert. It tastes distinctively different from other chocolate cakes.

Each layer is super moist and smothered in silky black cocoa buttercream. How many times do people order this over coffee?

2. Black coffee jelly

Black coffee is very enticing for some people. So, this unique spin on a favorite dessert is so cool.

3. Blackout Chocolate Cupcakes

If you are a certified chocolate lover, you surely will enjoy this. You can cover your cupcakes with decadent dark chocolate buttercream.

Once you take a bite, you’ll get hooked!

4. Blackboard butter cookies

These personalized cookies are sure to bring out your creativity. And they will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

What will you write in your cookies?


If wearing black is a lifestyle, so does eating black.

There’s nothing grim about being in the dark. Dark-colored foods have a unique taste but various benefits.

The list goes on and on. If you want to try other black foods, you can find many out there waiting to satisfy your frisky palates.

The bottom line is that you try these black colored foods. Dark or not, the important thing is you learn to discern what food is best for you.

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