Can You Microwave Uncrustables?

Grab it and eat it; those kinds of snacks are the ones that captivate our imagination – and satisfy our bellies.

These are the snacks that foodies all love because they are simple yet sumptuous.

And no food in recent years has captured the public’s imagination like Uncrustables does.

A food with no crust, this snack with peanut butter and grape jelly filling for a while confused many, due to its look and the way it defines easy categorization.

What are the Uncrustables?


It first hit the market in 1995 as a snack with no crust, hence, the term.

For years, people have seen it as a snack, a comfort food, but what kind?

The way Uncrustables looked and appeared, most people thought of them as a dumpling, and many considered Uncrustables as dumplings.

According to some, Uncrustables is a type of ravioli; again, the snack can look like such.

A look-alike pasta with filling, can it be otherwise?

Well, no less than the makers of Uncrustables said that it is neither a dumpling nor a ravioli.

Adults are into many things, but kids will quickly know that food with peanut butter and grape jelly as fillings is a sandwich. Yes, as the makers say, Uncrustables is a sandwich.

A sandwich you need to thaw for best eating, but as such, some people cannot wait to devour their Uncrustables; they put it into a microwave oven to make it quicker.

Some people do not have patience when it comes to food!

Nevertheless, is microwaving Uncrustables advisable?

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Can you Microwave Uncrustables?


The manufacturer’s answer is an emphatic No! You cannot and must not microwave this lovely sandwich.

The reasons stated by manufacturers are apparent.

One, the sandwich is never for microwaving; the fact that you can microwave it does not mean you must.

There are dangers inherent in microwaving the snack.

Uncrustables are wrapped in plastic, and those who microwave it might forget that you must not microwave any food with plastic in it. Otherwise, the plastic wrap might melt.

Those are rare instances but much more severe because most people tend to forget it is the peanut butter and grape jelly filling inside the sandwich.

When you microwave it, the filling can get extremely hot.

For those touching the sandwich, the warmth or even the lack of it as they hold it is deceptive, for the bread may remain cold even as the temperature of the filling increases.

Burning your mouth, lips, or tongue is a significant possibility.

With the safety of every customer in mind, it is no wonder that the manufacturer, JM Smucker Co., is emphatic in saying you cannot do that.

Aside From Safety, Are There Any Other Reasons?

Microwaving Uncrustables can affect the texture of the bread.

It can make them hard, or it can make them soggy, once the filling got hot and began to soak up the bread.

Those things can make Uncrustables very unpleasant to eat.

So, microwaving Uncrustables is not a very bright idea.

Going back to safety, assuming, for instance, that you follow safety procedures, you will still have to wait for the bread or the filling to cool down eventually.

Why not just wait for it to thaw?

The reason is that you need to wait quite a long for it to thaw, making some people impatient.

How Long Do You Need to Thaw the Uncrustables?

You need to thaw Unscrutables for at least thirty minutes before you eat it, but that depends.

Sometimes, you may need to thaw it for up to sixty minutes.

That is quite a long time; no wonder some are impatient and want to speed up the process so they can eat their Uncrustables.

Though it is not advisable to microwave Uncrustables, there are alternative ways to speed up the thawing process.

What Are the Alternatives to Microwaving Uncrustables?


The easiest, effortless way to speed up the thawing process is to put it under the sun.

The heat generated by the sun should be enough to increase the temperature and speed up the thawing process, though slower than the microwave.

But no matter how hot the heat generated by the ever-shining sun, it is not enough to make the bread or the filling extremely hot; eating it will be safe for your mouth.

Ensure that you have yet to open the packet when you use the sun to thaw it.

Another method would be to put it in a bowl of warm water.

You must ensure that the bowl is not too hot, lest you will have the same danger as microwaving the Uncrustables.

Ensure that you have yet to open the Uncrustables and that it is still in the packet.

If you have much time and can still wait even as you want to speed up the thawing process, you can run the Uncrustables between your palms.

Rubbing creates friction, which generates heat and can speed up the thawing process.

It will work quite well but will take much effort on your part.

We cannot determine how quickly it will speed up the process, but this might be slower than putting the Uncrustables in a bowl of warm water or under the sun’s direct heat.

All of them will still take some time, and the approach suggested by the manufacturer may still be the best one.

Just thaw Uncrustables naturally, within thirty to sixty minutes, and your Uncrustables will be ready for eating.

Final Thoughts

We live in a fast-paced world where people want immediate gratification, food, or anything else.

That may be the reason for all the suggestions to microwave the Uncrustables.

But microwaving Uncrustables is never a good idea for reasons already mentioned.

You do not need to risk your safety and health just because you want to eat Uncrustables immediately.

The best thing to happen when you microwave this nut butter and grape jelly sandwich is for nothing to happen, and it is as it is, without waiting.

But if you eat it often, forgetfulness or a small error may cause damage or hurt; there is no reason you should take that risk.

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