Can You Use Waffle Mix to Make Pancakes?

Are you wondering whether a store-bought waffle mix is an excellent alternative to making your all-time favorite pancakes?

Sometimes, it can be a little disappointing to see your pancake mix run out, and the only available option is a waffle mix stored in your pantry.

In times like this, you need to unleash your creativity and resourcefulness and use what ingredients are available.

The intriguing question is, “Can you use waffle mix to make pancakes?” Fortunately, you can, but you might want to consider some adjustments!


While pancakes produced by waffle mix taste slightly different, they can still appease your cravings.

Flip through the detailed guides below to learn more about making a homemade pancake.

Is It Ok to Use Belgian Waffle Mix to Make Your Pancake Recipe?

While pancakes and waffles are identical, they are a bit distinct in how you prepare and cook them.

Nonetheless, the good news is that you can use an easier substitute when you run out of dry pancake mix ingredients.

The waffle recipe mix consists of all the essential ingredients that help produce a chewy, tasty, and fluffy pancake in the morning.

All you need to ensure is to prepare the pancake batter by modifying a few ingredients.

From there, cook the pancakes in a skillet or pan, not a waffle iron.

Is It Necessary to Modify the Waffle Mix to Make the Best-Tasting Buttermilk Pancake?

It’s vital to lessen the amount of oil in your recipe if you want your waffle mix to taste a bit more similar to pancake batter.

Waffle Mix

Likewise, you must increase the amount of water a little more. Add only a little oil to the pan, and avoid adding additional sugar to the mix.

Putting less oil and using water to thin the mix significantly helps make the waffle mix excellent and taste similar to pancake batter.

Making waffles requires more grease, which helps create crispy shells; however, this isn’t the case when making a fluffy pancake.

If you add grease or oil to the mixture, the pancakes will become slightly tough and crusty.

When making pancake mix, the more you lessen the oil, the better.

Some conventional pancake recipes contain less grease, so adding more oil than required to make the perfect recipe is unnecessary.

Instead, consider topping it up with water, as this helps ensure there’s sufficient liquid in the pancake mix.

Remember, creating a mixture that is much more similar to pancake batter is critical.

You can and must also minimize the amount of grease in the pan. Please spray the pan with oil rather than coating it with butter.

This technique helps neutralize the mixture and ensure the buttermilk pancake is light and fluffy instead of crunchy.

In addition, avoid putting more sugar into the waffle mix, even if the procedures say so.

Please note that waffle mixtures are generally loaded with sugar content, which caramelizes when cooking in a skillet.

Hence, if you add extra sugar, the result is crunchy pancakes.

Not putting in more sugar helps make your pancakes soft and creamy.

The gist is that adding less grease and sugar produces the best homemade pancake mix.

Indeed, these minor adjustments are pretty easy to make and quite helpful in making good pancake batter.

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What are the Remarkable Differences When Using Waffle Mix to Make Pancakes?

Here are the usual differences you’ll quickly notice when you use waffle batter or mix to make your favorite pancake recipe:

The center and sides of the pancakes may become a little crispier.

The homemade pancake won’t be as spongy and might not absorb the condiments, such as maple syrup, vanilla extract, whipped cream, or chocolate chip you put on top.

The gluten-free pancakes might become slightly less chewy than they usually would.


While these differences are commonly trivial and not that noticeable, you will notice a slight distinction in the texture, especially at first glance.

Luckily, the flavor is almost the same, which everyone will undoubtedly enjoy.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Pancake and waffle batter are similar; however, both call for a slight adjustment to ensure a more gratifying eating experience.

Check out the following cues to create the best result!

1. It is recommendable to make a test batch using the initial iteration of the mixture, particularly when utilizing different kinds of mixes.

This approach helps modify the mix accordingly, depending on the required characteristics.

2. Try putting buttermilk on your pancakes and waffles, as it helps make them tastier and ensures a crisper exterior.

Still and all, we strongly suggest reading the Belgian waffles or pancake mix dry ingredients found on the product’s label to verify if they already contain buttermilk.

3. Room-temperature unsalted butter is an excellent alternative to oil. The former is better, especially when you prefer crispy and rich waffles and pancakes.

4. When using pancake mixture to make waffles, turning down the heat on the waffle iron is best.

If the pancake mix contains extra egg whites, the waffle’s exterior is likelier to caramelize.

5. Sift commercial or store-bought pancake or waffle mixes to reduce the likelihood of lump formation in the dough.

If your baking mix or dough becomes lumpy, it creates an uneven texture.

Final Thoughts

As read, waffle mix is nearly similar to pancake batter, both are relatively substitutable.

It’s good to know that it’s unnecessary to modify your waffle mix to make pancakes with it if you dislike it; nevertheless, you’ll find that the pancakes still produce an excellent texture.

Minimizing the grease and sugar to lessen the crispiness, resulting in tasty, airy, fluffy, and thinner pancakes is crucial.

Otherwise, if you merely adhere to the procedures indicated in the boxed pancake mix, you’ll notice that your pancakes are edible but a bit tough.

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