How Long to Cook Boston Butt in Oven? (Plus Amazing Recipe)

You will be forgiven for not having an idea. Nobody, like pork lovers, knows what this is, where it is found, and how yummy it is. 

Not to confuse you further, it’s an uppercut of the pig’s shoulder, normally sold in boneless cut form. Its positive side is that you can use it to make many dishes around the kitchen.

The pork butt is tender and quite juicy when rightly cooked. The pork chop is cooked slowly over a long period to allow its juices to flow, moisten, and cook evenly.

Boston Butt

The secret to being able to enjoy your Boston butt depends on the recipe you use. Time is of the essence here; it is, therefore, important to calculate the amount of time used in cooking. 

Today, we will slowly walk you through the best way forward to guide you accordingly and help you enjoy this mouth-watering savvy recipe.

Why is It Important to Cook Boston Butt in the Oven at 325?

Cooking pork butt is quite interesting if planned well. According to available research, it is the second most loved meat product worldwide. 

You can rest easy knowing that despite being a part of the pig shoulder meat, it is very hard and requires longer cooking time.

One of the best-proven ways of solving the issue is through oven cooking.

You might be wondering why, but this is mainly because it has several connective tissues which cannot easily be cooked over a cooking pan.

The internal temperature must be right for it to be soft and cooked evenly.

Just for your information, you should invest in a meat thermometer. Pork contains collagen. Collagen only breaks down when temperatures exceed 200 degrees, so a thermometer is a must-have.

Pork is considered a better option for those who fear consuming meat. There is nothing wrong with red meat, but health consultants advise you to eat it in moderation.

Though it might take longer to fully enjoy the butt.

Choosing to cook Boston Butt over a crock pot will allow you to enjoy the full benefits in the privacy of your home. 

Why is Pork Loved So Much?


Pork is an amazingly versatile product loaded with numerous nutritional facts and health benefits, namely protein.   Pork is a product you will enjoy. 

Some other known benefits include being quite tasty and easy to preserve for later use. As the demand for better health alternatives rises, most people now prefer to consume pork products for their meat needs.

 The rise in the demand for pork continues. Despite all that, its evolving cost continues each day and remains one popular product enjoyed throughout the year?

What is Keeping You Away From Enjoying Pork Chop?

Are you in need of giving your family something new and delicious? Pork shoulder lovers will enjoy this. For our favorite recipe, read on.

For the ideal pork shoulder roast, you will need the following:-

  • 4 pounds Boston butt/pork shoulder (size depends on your family)
  • 1 teaspoon Black pepper (freshly ground)
  • Salt to taste
  • Baby carrots 1 pound
  • 6-8 potatoes (peeled)
  • Water
  • 1 teaspoon onion/garlic powder
  • ½ teaspoon ground dried thyme
  • 3 tablespoons q Shaq dry rub
  • Brown sugar
  • Optional bbq sauce


Step 1: 

Preheat the oven to 350 F

Step 2: 

Trim the meat.

Cut the boneless Boston butt into ½, and remove all unnecessary fat.

Step 3: 

Mix all the dry ingredients into one bowl and mix thoroughly, then rub evenly on the pieces of pork.

Step 4: 

First, prepare the rack: spread aluminum foil paper on the baking pan, then place the meat on the wire rack; once roasted, use your hands to rub dry rub.

Step 5:           

Add the potatoes. Go slow on the baking process by lowering the heat to 325 degrees.

You do not have to cover the butt as it’s quite fatty. Allow the saturated juices to flow.

Step 6:

Remove and let cool.  

During the baking process, avoid touching the pork shoulder roast. Just let it cool.

All kinds of meat, including pork, need to rest after the procedure for at least 1 hour. 

The cooking process takes between 3 and 4 hours. A meat thermometer will tell you when the pork butt is ready.

This meal serves 8- 7 people.

How you serve the final product will give your family a reason to want to enjoy the Boston butt next time. 

Most people ask if there is a need for a cooking rack. The truth is, there is an absolute need.

The rack stand helps lift the meat from the baking pan during the roasting process by allowing the excess fat to drip into the baking sheet. 

As you read through this, you will realize that most of these items listed in the recipe can be obtained from the pantry. 

Just in case you might need to serve more people. Say you purchase 10-pound shoulder pork; our advice will be to divide the meat into more than two portions while at the same time increasing the cooking time.

Why Do People Prefer to Use a Boneless Butt?

It is not a must to use a boneless butt, but one thing is for sure. If serving many people, 

Boneless Butt

You will need to obtain 5 pounds and above.

Most pork recipes used here are easy to understand and put into use. And the only best secret for a beginner is to go for the boneless portion.

It will give you better results, and you will definitely enjoy the outcome.

Sometimes during your visit to the butcher, you will find a butt with bone. It is not always that you get the boneless butt.

There is no difference, and the taste is the same.

People prefer the boneless butt because it has a wider surface area than the butt with bones. If you are not comfortable with the bones, you can take time and remove them. 

But once the meat with bones is cooked, it is right for the loved pulled pork or shredded pulled pork, whichever is easier.


There has been a lot of discussion regarding boneless butt and meat-on-bone when it comes to cooking. The secret is that they both cook better while providing just the excellent Boston Butt.

Don’t limit your Boston Butt to a meal; why not go ahead and enjoy the same in sandwiches. The market has plenty of bbq sauces that are just right for you.

Cooking pork is about temperature, not time. 

Remember, everyone has their preferences when it comes to cooking. Next time you head to the butcher or the supermarket, there is no need to worry.

Boneless pork and meat bone will provide an excellent end product.

As discussed above, and for your enjoyment, please ensure that you cook the Boston butt in the oven at 325. For best results, the temperature must be right.

The pork cooks best at an internal temperature when it hits 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

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