Do Doritos Expire or Go Bad?

In one of their articles, Huffingtonpost mentioned that there are no known records of who owns Doritos rights.

But love it or hate it, the biggest question on people’s minds has been, do Doritos expire?

Storage is key when it comes to how the crisps are stored.

Why Would Potato Chips Expiry Date Be a Problem?

Potato Chips

You might have noted that the number of snack companies operating since 1964 is minimal.

That is, in essence, a lifetime and so do the chips that have been in the market long enough.

We must understand that according to to set rules, every manufactured product must have a shelf life.

Below are a few telltale signs of telling of expiration dates on your most enjoyed snack.

Interestingly, Doritos survive longer because their moisture content is relatively low and contains high salt content.

Remember, salt has been a preservative and continues to be.

Any opened potato chips bag will last for close to seven days upon proper storage.

To ensure the chips shelf life, check the package and look for the sell-by or sell-before date.

Our lifestyle in this age and era is tight, and we live on the go. The ease that commercially packed foods provide makes them a preference of many.

They are easy to pack, light to carry, and spicy enough to snack on the go.

You will agree that it is difficult to say no to a package of store Doritos; you know you can purchase it in any of the stores around you.

Have you bothered to check on the expiration date?

This question has bothered consumers and continues to do so, but you will still be safe even if you consume an expired product.

The fact that they are low in moisture helps extend their lives further.

Whether we like it or not and may truth be told. The Doritos fan base is quite large and somehow continues to rise.

One important fact is that unopened Doritos pose no health threat at all.

How Can One Distinguish Spoiled and Bad Doritos Products?

The first reason you must do so is that it impacts not only your health but the health of other consumers.

The second reason is you are endangering your life by eating expired products.

You will also realize that you might have heard or read somewhere that potato chips or crisps have no lifeline.

Don’t you find that ridiculous? Of course, it is.


We list below some of the factors that would make it easy for you to distinguish any worth-noting changes on expired chips:-

  • They will go stale and dry and sometimes not crunchy
  • They lose their taste
  • Become moldy
  • If they have lost their moistness

There is no harm in the consumption of expired tortilla chips. Do taste them and see if they feel right.

If not, there must be many ways these products can be used around the house.

You can use tortillas in garnishing soups or ground to use in other cooking requirements around the home or crash into crumbs for future use.

You should not be in a hurry to throw away stale and dry tortillas.

The fact that chips have lost their taste is no reason to throw them away; you know what?

They are still good for consumption.

Just have them preheated in the oven, and before you know it, you will be one happy person.

If by chance you see any signs of mold or the effects of moisture on the chips, please discard them. That is more than a reason to do away with them.

What Amount of Time Can Consumption Take After the Expiry of Potato Chips?

Are you a food nerd? One thing food nerds have in common is their taste.

Their taste buds are something you can appreciate when it comes to knowing if Doritos are stale.

An occasional consumer will rarely be able to tell when there are changes in the crisps, thereby making it difficult knowing they are consuming expired products.

What’s your take here? Stale tortilla chips never kill or poison you.

You, therefore, should know that you can eat an unopened pack three months later.

 If possible, consume an opened bag of chips within seven days.

Storage is key here; please store it in a tight container in a dark place or pantry, if possible, where there is no sunlight or direct heat.

What is the Best Temperature to Heat Stale Chips?

The joy that comes with tortillas is their crunchiness. You can easily restore the lost crunchiness.

Lay them down on the baking sheet and heat the oven between 373 – 400F for close to three to ten minutes.

During the preheating of potato chips, keep tuning them for even texture. Never leave Doritos chips on one side for too long.

Some people prefer using a microwave for heating tortillas, which also brings out excellent results, and before you know it, you will be enjoying your favorite snacks in just a few minutes.

How Does the Storage of Corn Ships Affect Their Longevity?

Corn Ships

Sunlight and any heat are not friendly to tortilla chips because they are packed in a non-breathable package.

And this kind of package, once opened, creates room for moisture.

Doritos potato snacks are known for their spicy crunchy nature; it can be unpleasant when that is not so. For one to enjoy, one must give storage priority.

Remember to provide appropriate chips storage as they are known to go stale rather fast.

Some people prefer to store their potato chips in the fridge, which is okay.

The only problem is that it might not be as crunchy as you would want, but you are good to go for safety purposes.

Can You Get Sick From Eating Stale Food or Bad Tortilla Chips?

No! But if not properly stored, there might be incidences of food poisoning.

Personal preference should take effect here when eating stale chips.

If you are uncomfortable, throw the opened or unopened packaged tortilla away.

Potato chips never allow salmonella poisoning to thrive in their salty and dry nature.

Salmonella thrives in moist areas and on food left at room temperature, therefore not ruling out any infection.

Avoid any poisoning of potato chips, and store any leftovers in a tight container away from moisture. You will be glad to enjoy the chips next time.


You must realize that there are indeed many ways of enjoying stale tortillas for those who care to do so without worrying too much.

Remember, these are still safe to eat.

Scrambled eggs can sometimes be boring; crashing your stale tortilla and adding to the egg will give it a refreshing crunchy taste.

Try it out; you will love it.

Never throw away any stale product because it will make you sick.

This potato product will be an eye opener to your expired corn chips needs. No regrets.

You will be forgiven if you ever get to discard any expired Doritos for fear of any chips or food poisoning.

You now know that Doritos only get bad if not stored properly.

Finally, from the above, I think we have been able to answer questions on whether Doritos expire or not.

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