Does Campbell’s Soup Expire? (Expiration Date Explained)

Do you consider a warm bowl of Campbell’s soup your comfort food whenever you feel unwell or nostalgic?

Unquestionably, this brand has been satisfying our cravings whenever we need comfort when we’re sick, in deep thought, or wish to feel warm during cold weather.

For this reason, it somehow became a habit to purchase a few cans of this soup to store in our pantries and have it accessible when we felt like eating it.

But, have you ever asked yourself, “Does Campbell’s soup expire or go bad?”

Find out the answer to this question by going through the post below!

How Does Campbell’s Soup Taste?

Campbell's Soup

The taste or flavor of Campbell’s soup mainly depends on the precise type of Campbell soup you purchase.

You can select from several different varieties, such as fish, mushrooms, soy, chicken, etc. These options come with their distinctive Campbell’s taste.

This brand manufactures top-of-the-line products, and each variety comes with its distinction, depending on the primary flavor or ingredient used.

For instance, Campbell’s tomato soup tastes precisely like tomatoes.

How Can I Determine If My Campbell’s Soup Has Expired or Gone Bad?

Make it a habit to inspect the can. If you see any bulge on it or notice something leaking, this is a sign that the item is not in good condition, so immediately discarding it is advised.

Similarly, if the can has rust formation, this can also indicate that something terrible has developed inside.

Don’t compromise your health; throw the can away to avoid food poisoning. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Rust, leaks, and evident bulge and dents can free up bacteria to thrive inside the can and make the soup unsafe to consume.

Moreover, if you hear a buzzing sound or the soup spurts or splatters at you, this is a sign that the soup has begun to ferment; hence, it’s best to dispose of it.

Meanwhile, inspecting if there’s discoloration or mold buildup in the soup is also essential.

Check how the soup smells sour or unpleasant; we strongly recommend throwing it out to prevent foodborne illness and risk food safety.

How Long Can the Can of Campbell’s Soup Last?


Once you open the can of Campbell’s soup, the product can usually last for up to three days if stored in an airtight canister.

It’s also necessary to refrigerate it once the can is opened to maintain its flavor. Be sure to consume the soup within two weeks of refrigeration.

Meanwhile, store the unopened can in correct storage conditions so that the product’s shelf life may extend to two years in excellent quality.

Can the Date You See On the Campbell’s Soup Indicate Its Expiration Date?

In truth, the “Best Used By” date that you see in the can of Campbell’s soup indicates that the soup has lost its taste and nutritional value over time; nonetheless, if you’ve stored canned goods correctly, the products won’t go extremely bad.

What Can I Do to Make My Campbell’s Soup Last Longer?

Make sure the Campbell soup can is free of rust, bulges, or dents when shopping.

As you reach home, store the canned soup in a dark, dry, cool spot, such as a pantry or cupboard.

The storage place’s temperature should not be beyond 70°F.

It’s worth noting that Campbell’s soup is tightly sealed in steel cans and heated under extreme pressure, which implies that its peak quality and flavor are securely contained.

As a result, as long as you ensure that you store the Campbell’s soup can correctly, the product’s shelf life will last for an extended time.

How Can I Keep My Campbell’s Soup Exceeding the “Best Used By” Period?

Campbell's Soup

You can avoid going past the “Best Used By” period of your Campbell’s soup by organizing the items in your pantry for easy inspection.

When organizing your storage place, it’s crucial to position the oldest items on top or at the front.

When you want to eat comfort and creamy soup and try deciding which one to grab, this technique can help you quickly determine which products need to be consumed first.

Likewise, this method can lessen the possibility of your canned soup sitting there for a long time, losing its freshness, quality, and flavor.

More importantly, you can also avoid food waste.

Is It Safe to Consume My Campbell’s Soup Even Though It Has Already Exceeded Its Expiry Date?

Luckily, yes! Campbell’s soup expiration date refers to the approximate time the canned product will roughly last.

This conveys that this period does not refer to the precise date the food would expire or go bad.

Be that as it may, when eating Campbell’s soup past its expiry date, inspecting if it’s free of foul smell, leaks, and unpleasant taste is critical.

Eating this delicious soup is not highly recommended since not all canned goods are quickly determined when they’ve gone terrible.

However, if your Campbell’s soup still looks in good condition, even exceeding the expiry period, it’s still good to eat.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, a can of Campbell’s soup is an unfailing go-to item if you badly want to satisfy your hunger with a comforting soup immediately.

 This unique and mouthwatering soup can always delight your hungry stomach since it’s created with many different flavors.

That said, it’s ideal for preparing, especially on busy days when you don’t have much time to cook complex dishes.

In the same way, since the product is handy, you can take it anywhere, such as when you’re on the go, hiking, traveling, at work, or camping.

No worries about complex cooking procedures because you only need to warm it up in a snap.

But does Campbell’s soup expire or go bad? Fortunately, excellent can condition and proper storage are what you should ensure to keep its shelf life longer.

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