Does Pillsbury Dough Expire or Go Bad?

Everybody loves Pillsbury Dough; it is a constant fixture in most families’ pantries. However, does a Pillsbury dough expiration date matter?

Many people buy loads of Pillsbury Crescent Dough because it’s a vital ingredient in most baking needs.

Pumpkin Pie.

Veggie Bars.

Cheesecake Crescent Muffins.

Thinking of all these treats makes one’s mouth water.

But while there are many ways you can use the dough, there are times that you buy one too many.

You are grocery shopping, and you pick one because you want to make some flatbread when you get home.

Upon putting one or two pieces in the cart, you go back and add some more, thinking that you may need it to make some new pastry in the next few days.

Then it’s the same all over again on your next shopping trip. Until your cupboard overflows with them.

Your head spins. There are so many that you don’t know what to do with them.

This brings me to the question if Pillsbury Dough expires or goes bad? Let’s find out together!

Is There an Expiration to Pillsbury Dough?

Pillsbury Dough

Pillsbury Dough does expire.

You might accompany the above question with this one – where can you see the expiry date?

Each Pillsbury item has a clear expiration date on its packaging. Typically, you can find that information at the end of the packet or tube.

It’s essential to always check that before purchasing to save you from all the hassle.

Can You Still Use Expired Pillsbury Dough

Experts advise that you can still use it past the expiration date as long as you don’t exceed a couple of weeks.

But you have to take extra precautions when storing. Doing so prevents the product from going bad while on the shelf.

Are There Signs of Dough Going Bad

Yes, there are. Here are some of them:

1. The dough begins to ferment and rise. You can determine this easily since the packaging will enlarge as a result of the gasses it produces.

2. The dough becomes damp and sticky.

3. The dough seems to be fizzing.

4. It becomes discolored.

5. The edges are hard.

6. There’s mold.

7. It smells rotten.

If you notice any of these things when you take out your dough, I advise you to throw it away. Don’t think about wasted money; the risk is simply not worth it.

Trust your sense when finding out if you can still use the dough.

Can You Prevent the Dough From Getting Bad

It’s not going to be one hundred percent guaranteed, but there are things you can do.

Prevent the Dough From Getting Bad

Here are some tips:

1. Check the packaging to ensure it is intact and has no tears.

2. Upon opening the packaging, store the dough in an airtight container. You can also use a plastic food bag; just make sure it’s tightly sealed.

It’s important to seal it to protect it from pollutants, which can ruin the dough’s quality.

3. It’s best to store the dough in the fridge.

But be careful because the dough can increase in size in the cold temperature. I suggest you use a plastic bag or container double the size of the Pillsbury dough.

4. Make sure that the temperature of the freezer or refrigerator is appropriate. Verify that they are working properly.

Can You Still Use An Opened Dough Package?

Yes, you can. But make sure you do it in the next five days and keep it chilled.

You see, once opened, the food will start to oxidize. Oxidation is a chain reaction that takes place in the presence of oxygen.

Factors in oxidation include processing and packaging methods, content, and storage methods.

When the food goes through the process, it will lose not just its flavor but also some of its nutritional qualities.

Can You Make Pillsbury Dough Last Longer?

You can definitely take some steps. For one, you can freeze the items.

They would be able to live much longer as a result than if you keep them in the refrigerator.

One fun fact is that you can bake cookies and extend their shelf life for a year. You can do this by freezing the baked goodies!

What to Do to Make Sure the Dough Will Not be Wasted

There are many basic things you can do to ensure that you don’t waste the dough. If not using it to bake stuff, you can:

1. Use Pillsbury Crescent Rolls in other recipes. Some examples include Chicken Pot Pie, Crescent Roll-up Sandwiches, Potato Pinwheels, and Casseroles.

2. Create a smoothie. You can mix the dough with some peanut butter and milk, creating a delectable and nutrient-rich protein drink.

3. Truffles or cookie dough ice cream, anyone? You can make them with Pillsbury Dough.

4. Eat the dough raw.

Here are other treats you can make

Does Pillsbury Dough Have Eggs? Will it Go Bad?

Does Pillsbury Dough Have Eggs

Some products have eggs in them. But I don’t think this would matter.

Historically, the egg in these items would have been the first to decay, but these days Pillsbury’s innovative and adorable miniature Doughboys employ pasteurized eggs.

Pasteurization can successfully eliminate harmful germs, such as salmonella. You can even consume it raw without worrying.

Can Old Cookies Made With Pillsbury Dough Make You Sick

When cookies are past their prime, they typically become stale. Instead of that wonderful chewy sensation, they will feel somewhat lifeless when you put them in your mouth.

You won’t enjoy them much, but they won’t hurt you much, either. They might, however, have mold growing on them if you kept them in a moist environment, which would render them unsafe to eat.

So, if you absolutely must eat those stale ones you just discovered in the back of the cabinet, check them first for mold and the other signs discussed earlier.

Also, consider the earlier tip on baking cookies and storing them.

For more information, you may check

Final Thoughts

The Pillsbury Dough will always be a permanent fixture in any home. The Pillsbury Dough Boy is like a favorite nephew.

How often have we been satisfied by the sumptuous goodies produced with this famous and well-loved dough? The good news is that it will continue to satisfy us for years and years.

Never mind that there is such a thing as a Pillsbury dough expiration date. With Pillsbury Dough, the possibilities are endless.

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