42 Foods with 5 Letters

With countless different types of food available, it could be challenging to think of 5 letter food to add to your list.

Sometimes, testing how well you can recall particular food is fun and exciting. However, it could be puzzling as well.

No worries, we’ve got your back! We have collected 42 foods with 5 letters below to make your task easier.

Are you ready to uncover all of them? Then, let’s get the ball rolling!

42 5-letter Foods

1. Apple


This fruit hailed from Central Asia, and it’s grown worldwide. It can be used raw, for cooking various dishes, or when producing apple cider vinegar.

Indeed, you can combine it with pork in delectable dishes, such as sausages.

2. Bagel

This ring-shaped bread is produced from yeasted wheat dough. Bakers boil and bake the dough to create a heavy, doughy, and chewy interior. Meanwhile, it features a brown and crispy exterior.

3. Berry

This edible fruit features a round shape and bright color. It’s pulpy and tiny, yet juicy. As for the taste, it could be tart, sour or sweet.

Examples of berries include red, black, and white currants, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

4. Bread

One of the oldest human-produced foods, bread is considered a staple food produced from water and dough of flour, then baked.

When used commercially, bread generally consists of additives to enhance its nutrient content, color, flavor, shelf life, texture, and manufacturing process.

5. Cacao

The seeds and beans of the cacao tree are generally used to produce cocoa solids, chocolate, chocolate liquor, and cocoa butter.

6. Candy

Also known as lollies or sweets, candies contain sugar as their main component. Candies come in smaller pieces and are usually manufactured with high amounts of sugar or other sugar alternatives.

Examples of sugar confectionaries include sugar candy, chewing gum, and chocolate. Nuts, fruits, and vegetables glazed and covered with sugar are classified as candies.

7. Chive

This herb is frequently used in North America, Asia, and Europe. It has a milder flavor than garlic and onion and is usually used when making sauces and salads.

8. Chips

Chips are undoubtedly almost everyone’s favorite snack. They typically come in strips of skinless potatoes that are baked, deep-fried, or grilled.

Their crispiness and golden brown color make them attractive snacks for kids and adults.

9. Cocoa

Cocoa may refer to a hot drink made from cocoa powder mixed with water, milk, and sugar that’s best to drink on cold days.

The chocolate powder is manufactured from the ground and roasted cacao seeds.

10. Crepe

Also known as thin pancakes, crepes feature round, flat, and soft sheets of pan-fried batter that taste like a pancake.

What sets crepe apart from a pancake is that it’s flat and thin, while the pancake is fluffy and thicker due to its raising agent.

11. Curry

Curry pertains to an herb or spice mixture that contains chilies, cumin, ginger, turmeric, and coriander. You can often encounter curry dishes in Oceania, Southeast Asia, and India.

Curry dishes consist of coconut or a tomato-based sauce and are best eaten with rice.

12. Dates

Originating in Middle East countries, these fruits are sweet and generally grow in clusters on date palms. 

Dates contain many essential nutrients even though they contain a high sugar content.

13. Flour

You use flour to make pastries, cakes, and bread. The powder form is usually acquired by grinding wheat grain.

14. Fruit

Fruit is the edible produce of fruit-bearing plants that come in different tastes: sour, bitter, or sweet.

Examples are oranges, bananas, strawberries, grapes, apples, and lemons.

15. Grape

Grapes come from deciduous woody vines of the genus Vitis, a flowering plant. You usually harvest them in bundles, and they look similar to berries.

People also use grapes when making wine, juice, oil, jam, and vinegar. You can also eat them fresh or in dried form.

16. Guava

This fruit hailed from Central America, Northern South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

You can use this fruit in making alcoholic drinks or juices, candies, fruit bars, culinary sauces, dried snacks, desserts, or dips.

17. Honey

Honey refers to the syrupy and sweet substance made by honey bees. Some people obtain honey from the hives of domesticated bees, while others collect it from wild bee colonies.

Its sweetness is similar to table sugar, making honey a healthier option for beverages and dishes.

18. Icing

Also called frosting, icing features a sweet and creamy glaze produced from sugar with milk or water.

You can improve its flavor by adding egg whites, butter, cream cheese, and other desired flavorings. Use it when decorating or coating baked goods.

19. Kebab

Famous as a Middle East dish, kebab contains mashed onions, lots of veggies, ground meat, flavorings, and ingredients.

Pork is barely used when making kebabs due to religious constraints. Instead, they use fish, lamb, goat, mutton, beef, or chicken as the primary ingredient.

You can bake, stew, or skew your kebab and add raw onions and herbs. You may eat it with bread or rice.

20. Jelly

Jelly is a clear and commonly colored food made from sugar, fruit juice, and gelatin. You usually eat it as a dessert on special occasions.

21. Lemon


This famous sour fruit is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that promote good health.

In particular, it contains a vast amount of fiber and vitamin C, making it ideal for weight management, heart health, and good digestion.

22. Mango

Mango fruits come in diverse skin colors, sizes, sweetness, flesh colors, and shapes. You may encounter orange, green, gold, or pale yellow mangoes.

You can eat them fresh with some salty condiments to counter the sour taste, as a dessert, or as ingredients in salads, sauces, and dishes.

You can also use mangoes when making smoothies, fruit shakes, jams, juices, baking cakes, bread, and pastries.

23. Melon

This fruit is fleshy and usually comes with a sweet taste. You can consume it fresh; when making jam, as a dessert, or as ingredients for salads.

24. Mirin

Mirin is a rice wine with a higher sugar level but contains lower alcohol content.

It’s usually used in Japanese cuisine, significantly when eliminating the fishy smell when broiling or grilling fish.

25. Nacho

Are you fond of Mexican food? Nachos are all-time favorite snacks or appetizers, consisting of totopos or fried tortilla chips coated with cheese sauce or melted cheese.

You can add grilled chicken or ground beef, lots of veggies, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa for toppings.

26. Onion

Onion is a staple ingredient in various dishes, including condiments, sauces, salads, and appetizers.

You may eat it raw or use it in chutneys and pickles.

27. Pasta

Pasta serves as a staple food in many Italian dishes. It’s produced from unleavened wheat flour dough combined with eggs or water.

Afterward, you form the pasta into sheets or other desired shapes and cook it by baking or boiling.

28. Peach

This fruit is juicy and may come in non-fuzzy or glossy-skinned varieties. Initially, it was domesticated and cultivated in Eastern China.

29. Pizza

Pizza is produced from a flattened, round base of leavened wheat dough as a well-known delicious dish that originated in Italy.

You can add your preferred toppings to produce the flavor you want, such as pineapple, various slices of cheese, different meat, anchovies, veggies, tomato sauce, olives, etc.

30. Prune

Prunes pertain to the firm-flesh plum that contains a notable amount of soluble solids that don’t dissolve during the drying process.

This fruit contains a vast source of vitamin K, 64% carbs, moderate dietary minerals, vitamin B levels, and 2% protein.

31. Quail

You can find quails in many Italian, Polish, Mexican, Maltese, Indian, and Portuguese cuisines.

Surprisingly, you can eat quails completely with their bones because they’re chewy and not challenging to remove.

32. Salad

You can serve salads as an appetizer, during a meal, as the main course, or as a side salad.

There are various salads to serve, such as Greek salad, garden salad, chicken salad, Waldorf salad, potato salad, etc.

33. Salsa

Salsa refers to sauces you can cook, such as salsa cruda and salsa Roja. Alternatively, you can use salsa as a dip for nachos, tacos, and other Mexican foods.

34. Sauce

Have you ever imagined fried, roasted, grilled, or baked dishes without sauces? Unquestionably, sauces add moisture, flavor, and visual appeal to various dishes.

35. Squid

Unlike the enormous octopus, the squid is soft-bodied and requires less cooking time to avoid a rubbery texture.

You can stir-fry, grill, or deep fry the squid for thirty seconds until it becomes opaque. Meanwhile, it will require half an hour to stew or boil it.

Squid can also serve as the main ingredient in several Chinese, Korean, and Japanese dishes.

36. Steak

Steaks are always the top choice for special meals and gatherings with family and friends.

You can fry or grill it, cooked in sauce, diced or minced, and transform it into patties to make hamburgers.

You can also eat it with your favorite salads, sauces, and salsa.

37. Sugar

Sugar generally comes from sugar cane, sugar palm, sugar beet, sweet sorghum, and specific species of maple trees.

While it satisfies our sweet tooth, excessive sugar consumption can lead to certain diseases, such as diabetes and obesity.

38. Sushi

Are you into Japanese dishes? Sushi is one of the most popular and easy dishes to make.


Put some vinegar in the cooked rice, a variety of seafood, a little sugar, and raw veggies. Sushi comes in different forms: temaki, nigiri, maki, sashimi, uramaki, and chirashi.

Please note that it’s vital to know the difference between Western-style and Japanese-style sushi so that you can easily decide which one you prefer.

39. Syrup

Plain syrup is necessary for baking, cooking, and making cocktails since it serves as a sweetener.

We use diverse types of syrup in different food production processes, such as maple syrup, corn syrup, and glucose syrup.

40. Thyme

Sold dried or fresh for cooking purposes, thyme is an essential herb that should be present in your pantry.

It helps makes pasta and various dishes more palatable, as it has properties that produce an aromatic smell.

Furthermore, you can use it for medicinal and ornamental purposes.

41. Toast

We usually eat toast bread during breakfast or use the toast when making a sandwich. Margarine, cheese, butter, and other sweet toppings can make the toast more flavorful and attractive.

You can also eat the toast with stew or soup or when drinking coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. Toast can suffice if you don’t prefer to eat a heavy meal.

42. Wafer

For religious or traditional rituals, wafers are crispy, thin, light, dry, and light cookie taste even better when paired with sweet dishes such as garnish or ice cream.

Most kids also use wafers as a cookie with a cream filling. On the other hand, bakers use wafers when decorating cakes too.

Wafers can serve as handy snacks whenever you’re on the go, as they can easily be stored in your pocket.

Final Thoughts

Did you find our post about 42 foods with 5 letters informative? There’s no denying that reading and learning can be more fun if we try to be more creative.

Thinking of 5-letter food to add to your list can be daunting yet exciting. Memory-stimulating posts like this are fascinating means to relieve your stress.

In the same way, coming up with unique ideas help your brain work better and be challenged, sharpening it even more.

We hope that the foods we have gathered and included in our list have provided you with the brilliant ideas you’re looking for.

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