27 Gray Foods for You to Try

Do you prefer brightly-colored foods to those that look plain and colorless? Yes, colorful foods look attractive and more palatable than gray-colored foods.

However, the color is sometimes not the only indication of how tasty and nutritious the food is.

You might be surprised that gray foods have a range of exceptional tastes, most of which are easy to find, prepare, and cook.

It’s high time to unveil the 27 grey foods that could change your perception of what “delicious” truly means.

27 Foods that are Gray

1. Oysters


Oysters from saltwater bivalve mollusks’ families generally dwell in brackish or marine habitats.

Chefs either serve them raw or cooked. You may also add salt and butter to unleash their savory taste.

2. Yellow Dragon Fruit

This dragon fruit features a profound impression, as its nutrient-packed gray flesh nourishes the body.

You can use this fruit as a dessert, add it to salads, or blend it with other fruits to make smoothies.

It can provide the body with significant amounts of vitamins, potassium, antioxidants, and magnesium.

3. Gray Anchovies

Would you like to make your dishes savory and naturally oily? Gray anchovies are a good source of B vitamins and vitamins A, E, and C.

You can preserve them with salt packs, turning into deeper gray when you pickle them in vinegar.

Gray anchovies help complete your diet since they are a rich source of zinc, phosphorus, minerals, calcium, and iron.

4. Gray Edible Mushrooms

Also called dirty Tricholoma or gray knight, you can generally find gray edible mushrooms in Europe.

They’re beneficial to health because they’re cholesterol- and fat-free and low in calories.

These mushrooms are great additions to dishes as they contain more minerals and vitamins, such as thiamine, fructose, proteins, riboflavin, amino acids, sucrose, fatty acids, and xylose.

5. Guavas

Guavas come in diverse varieties, including the gray one. Ripe gray guavas feature sweet, juicy, and soft flesh.

You can eat guavas, ripe or unripe. These fruits help clean your teeth naturally and are an ideal source of vitamin C.

They’re also recommended for people with metabolic disorders, diabetes, obesity, and gut infection.

6. Mackerels

Mackerels are famous for their oily flesh, which provides ample omega-3 fatty acids. Eating them more often can help avert stroke and maintain heart health.

You can find smoked or canned mackerels that make them safe for long-term storage.

7. Earl Gray Macaroons

Do you love sipping tea or coffee paired with something sweet? Earl gray macaroons are great-tasting sweet treats that you shouldn’t miss.

You’ll love these macaroons’ fruity flavor, sweetness, and creamy and sleek texture, making you addicted to every bite.

8. Gray Owl Cheese

Gray owl cheese can serve as the perfect partner for beer and wine. It features ash gray rind and is made from pasteurized goat’s milk.

This cheese also comes with a creamy and heavy texture with a tasty and sharp flavor. It’s packed with vitamin B12, phosphorus, and calcium.

9. Gray Hubbard Squash

This squash’s sweetness is similar to pumpkin’s and features a bright orange flesh. But, what makes it slightly different is its stiff and thick shell.

Gray Hubbard Squash

You can add the gray Hubbard squash in desserts and soups. Meanwhile, try toasting its seeds to create a crispy and healthful snack for everyone.

10. Milk Chocolate Gems

Can’t get enough of milky candies? Milk chocolate gems come in crispy and grayish shells, and they’re made from fruit or veggie extracts and milk.

Adults and kids will enjoy them since they can satisfy your sweet tooth. You can serve them at parties, as they come in extensive colors.

11. Salted Plum

Renowned in China and Mexico, dried salted plums combine sour, sweet, and juicy tastes.

You can select from a variety of salted plum flavors available. A few of the most common types include salty, cream, spicy, and ginseng.

12. Gray Wedding Cake

Not many people choose gray wedding cakes, probably because their color isn’t that attractive.

Gray wedding cakes are elegant-looking and easy to match with your wedding motif.

While their color might not be more captivating than the colorful versions, there’s no remarkable difference when it comes to taste.

13. Gray Bannock

Did you know that bannock bread is no sweat to make? It would help if you kneaded the dough and baked or fried it over the pan.

Bannock bread can be your companion when hiking or camping as it’s known for being survival food.

It’s easy to fry in the campfire, and you can eat it with any food you have in your camping bag.

14. Muskmelon

Fruit with more minerals and vitamins that revitalize the immune system best describes muskmelon.

The external skin of this fruit is grayish and features a fleshy orange core. It can inhibit the inflammation of the digestive tract parts and prevent constipation.

Muskmelon is ideal for promoting skin and eye health, managing asthma, and preventing cancer and heart disease.

15. Mushroom Soup

Are you searching for a base ingredient that you can use when making comfort foods and casseroles?

If yes, mushroom soup is a type of soup that you can always count on. You can serve it during meals whenever you like.

16. Appenzeller Cheese

This gratifying cheese contains hard cow’s milk as its primary component. Its taste is similar to many fruits and nuts.

Its flavor is usually milder with a short aging period; on the other hand, it comes with a tangier taste with an extended aging period.

The Appenzeller cheese comes in three primary versions: extra (aging time is up to six months), the surchoix (the aging period is from four to six months), and the classic one (the aging period is three to four months).

 17. Gray California Roll

The roll itself isn’t grayish; however, the sushi rice containing vinegar appears grayer than white.

You can make the California sushi roll perfectly by learning to roll correctly and maintaining the ideal cooking time.

18. Sage Tea

Reducing your caffeine intake benefits your health, and sage tea is an excellent alternative to try.

Soak the sage leaves in hot water until you attain the preferred level of strength.

This tea helps boost your immunity, and you can drink it any time of the day.

19. Wood Apple

The name is derived from this fruit’s external wood-like appearance. Wood apple is also called an elephant apple because of elephants like eating it.

This fruit contains crude fiber, sodium, manganese, copper, phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamin C.

People in India and Sri Lanka usually add wood apples to chutneys and curries.

20. Gray Ice Cream

Hot summer days are the best time to eat gray ice cream since it’s a delectable cold treat with out-of-the-ordinary and unique flavor and color.

Gray Ice Cream

It’s the perfect ice cream for summer, containing plenty of veggie juice and fruits. This ice cream’s citrus and fruity flavors make it a fantastic cold treat.

21. Gray Clam

Some people eat gray clams raw or cooked. However, eating raw clams is risky since they could cause typhoid, dysentery, and diarrhea.

You should thoroughly rinse the fleshy meat of gray clams and follow the correct cooking procedure.

In general, gray clams are ideal for a healthy diet because they contain more nutrients.

22. Horseradish

You usually grate this cruciferous vegetable to add to any dish and primarily use it as a condiment. It has gray or white roots and green leaves.

Like other vegetables, horseradish has anti-cancer properties, shielding you from diverse inflammatory diseases and cancers.

23. Gray Cake Pops

We’re always attracted to cake pops that are coated in a layer of chocolate or candy.

What makes them more luring is that they’re adorned with different toppings and sprinkles and are rounded on sticks.

Gray cake pops can offer a more distinguished twist on a classic sweet treat, as they’re often embellished with soft gray fondant.

24. Yellow Grapefruits

While these fruits have yellowish outer coverings, their cores vary from red and orange to gray. Yellow grapefruits are high in nutrition but low in calories.

They’re rich in vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium, making them a beneficial addition to your diet.

25. Dried Fish

Dried fish can be done in several methods, such as smoking, drying, and salting. These drying methods are essential for the prevention of microbial growth.

Different preservation methods of fish generally transform fish into grayish ones.

26. Baobab Fruit

This fruit is also called cream of tartar fruit and monkey bread. You can eat it in many forms, and it’s useful from top to bottom.

It offers more minerals and vitamins, making it a highly nutritious fruit. Baobab fruit produces a strong flavor, similar to citrus fruits with a sweet tinge.

It’s primarily used in powder form.

27. BBQ Eggplant Dip

You can serve this sumptuous dish with some veggies and fresh pita bread. The sleek, smoky, and creamy flavor makes it more mouthwatering.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it’s true that gray color is plain and unattractive, especially regarding food.

However, this doesn’t convey that you should skip buying or eating grey foods because they’re tasteless.

The list above shows that some of the best-tasting and most nutritious foods are color gray.

Hence, you shouldn’t only pay attention to the color of your food because you might not know what you’re missing.

Hopefully, you found the 27 grey foods we included in the list worth buying the next time you go shopping.

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