How Long Can a Honey Baked Ham Stay in the Fridge?

Ham is quite tasty, and cooking it should, in the real sense, bring a lot of fun.

Many people have always sought answers on how long honey baked Ham is good after opening.

If you want to enjoy the flavor of honey-baked hams, you’ll have to consider providing proper storage.

Careless storage of leftover Ham can result in several kinds of health problems, including food poisoning.

Should Storing Honey-Baked Hams Be a Problem?

Honey-Baked Hams

No! When honey is properly cooked, it poses no problem when it comes to storage.

All kinds of honey-baked ham products require proper storage despite their being baked.

Storing any forms of hams will depend on the duration one intends to use. For normal use, like in a five to seven, storage in a fridge will do the trick.

For those intending to consume their glazed Ham after a longer period, you should freeze it for a maximum of two to three months.

Normal cooking of any ham products takes time. In many instances, there are leftovers for the next meal.

Storing such leftovers should not be a problem if and when done properly.

For your information, the Ham should never be left at room temperature for longer. USDA further advises that all ham products kept beyond two months easily get compromised.

The next time you head to buy uncooked Ham, never stop purchasing the pounds you require; with the right guidelines, you will never toss spoiled ham products again.

The overall process of a ham’s shelf life differs considerably and might not be one size fit all as many people have been made to believe.

Stores around the country have Ham in different forms, classified as pre-cooked, uncooked, and cooked.

It’s worth remembering that laid down storage rules dictate that for health reasons discussed above, a temperature below 40 f is ideal when storing any meat products in the fridge.

There has been a great tendency to keep Ham at room temperature for a long time.

This is not healthy and should be avoided at any given cost.

What’s So Special About Glaze Ham?

By glazing ham, you can enjoy more flavor and increase health benefits.

Imagine serving your guest with spoiled glaze ham, next time; you could avoid that by simply following the laid-down storage process.

Ham consumption goes back many years before civilization, and honey baked ham company dates back to 1957 when Harry J Hoenselaar purchased the company from the widow of his former employer.

Since then, there has been no turning back.

Honey-glazed hams have been consumed, and many are still in awe of the process that makes it so mouth-watering.

How the glaze is done is considered a top secret in the company.

Are you looking for cheaper cuts? Do you need to know this?

Glaze Ham

Glazed Ham is not cheap, and you do not have to go for the prime cut. You can make a saving.

Next time you head to the ham company, ask the butcher and/or store staff if they have cheap cuts.

These are cuts that, at the cutting point, did not meet the standards.

They are, therefore, more affordable while providing excellent flavor, quality, and pocket-friendly.

Several ham companies sell their miscuts at discounted prices to their customers. You do not have to look any further.

Using a locator, you will be surprised at the number of companies near you.

We all know Ham can be very addictive; having some in the freezer is the best way.

Why run to the store or butcher when you can still enjoy your past time by simply raiding your freezer?

What are the Best Ways to Process and Store Unused Ham Portions or Leftovers?

Ham products differ considerably. Storing them is not standard either.

Next time you purchase, ensure that you read the storage instructions to the letter. It will save you.

Honey-baked Ham still remains one of the preferred hams in the market.

The fact that it’s evenly smoked, with a rich flavor, tangy taste, and a beautiful crust, makes it awesome.

The basic rule is Ham should not be left unrefrigerated for more than two hours.

Further, it will remain safe if left foil wrapped or in a sealed package to make it bacteria-free.

Next time you intend to cook Ham, ensure that you only take out what you need to use and refrigerate or freeze the remaining portion for future use.

Step 1:

Purchase a tight container or a freezer bag/foil wrapper

Step 2:

Put the ham leftovers in the container and seal them. If they happen to be large, cut them into smaller pieces.

Use a marker or pen to indicate the day you begin to store Ham.

In case you have bone leftovers, use foil to wrap them. Before storage, always slice Ham a few minutes before serving; otherwise, it will dry.

How Do You Know Spoiled Ham?

Spoiled Ham

This need not be the case. Ham and its other products can last over a longer period. But things happen.

Thoroughly inspect for any signs of spoilage.

You will be excused if you believe you can tell when honey-baked Ham is spoiled. Some of the indicative signs of not being fresh include:-

  • Check the expiration date. All ham products have a shelf life and an expiration date.
  • If it has indications of foul or unfriendly smell. If you smell sulfur, that might not be too friendly.
  • If it has any discoloration of any kind and is slimy to the touch
  • Signs of mold growth are sure signs of spoilage.

What are the Best-Known Ways of Reheating Ham?

Normally Ham is served either hot or warm. Proper thawing has to take place before consumption takes place.

Nothing feels so nice as the aroma of Ham fills the room. Two known ways of reheating Ham are using a skillet or a microwave.

The above two methods work better for smaller cuts; if you have larger pounds of Ham, you better opt for the oven.


Ham is one of the dishes enjoyed in all meals in any culture worldwide.

If you are not ready to consume Ham after purchase, do not open it as it easily collects bacteria.

Indeed Ham has a shelf life. Next time you want to enjoy some and have leftovers, immediately refrigerate them.

You do not have to wait for them to cool.

If, for a reason, you cannot consume it within five days, please move the same to the freezer.

Are you lacking selenium? Why not go out and enjoy your ham products?

Ham contains selenium.

Have you wondered why some ham products are dry and lose favor? Any ham stored without protection does lose flavor and become very dry.

You can also use a tea towel to wrap it to help keep the flavor moist within.

Next time you are faced with the question of how long honey baked Ham is good after opening, you now know. Be ready to answer.

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