How Long do You Cook Digiorno Pizza?

Are you one of the thousands who can’t resist eating freshly-baked and tasty pizza?

Making a premade pizza is matchless because it does not cause any complications, and it’s not time-consuming.

One of the best-tasting pizzas you should try making is the Digiorno pizza. But do you know how long you cook a Digiorno pizza?

Digiorno Pizza

Chiefly, the cooking time largely depends on the type of crust you prefer.

Explore the article below to learn more about Digiorno pizza cooking time.

Different Types of Digiorno Pizza

Digiorno’s first original product was called the rising crust pizza. From the name, you can tell that it was derived from the pizza dough that rises as you observe it being baked.

There’s no denying that such an experience gives you a more homey feeling, baking and eating freshly baked pizza at home.

The delightful news is that you can also choose from other types of pizza, including the hand-tossed, crispy pan, gluten-free, stuffed, thin, and croissant.

You can also enjoy your premade pizza more by selecting from various toppings, such as meat (including meatless sausage, chicken, etc.), supreme (consisting of more flavorful and diverse toppings), cheese, vegetables, and pepperoni.

It’s worth noting that you can cook frozen pizza by following conventional oven instructions or grilling.

Remember, the ingredients and cooking methods you use can affect the quality of pizza when you make a homemade one.

Similarly, it would help if you were very particular about the freezing conditions when storing your pizza, as this can significantly influence its quality.

The Temperature and Cook Time Required for Digiorno Pizza

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F when baking your Digiorno pizza. Please note that cooking time may vary, especially if you plan to cook a frozen or fresh pizza.


Still and all, the standard cooking time should be around ten to twenty minutes. Make it a habit to check the pizza to ensure it is not burning if it’s still uncooked within twenty minutes.

Consider lowering the temperature and allowing a few more minutes for the pizza to cook if needed.

Observe if the cheese has melted. Suppose the pizza is still gooey in the middle; it’s a must to reduce the temperature and cook it for a few more minutes.

The general rule is to bake all Digiorno pizzas until they reach 165 degrees internal temperature.

This way, you can ensure that all the ingredients are thoroughly cooked, and your pizza is suitable for safe consumption, thus, promoting food safety.

For a more accurate guide, here is the recommended cook time for different types of Digiorno pizza:

  • The Deep Dish Crust takes around 16 to 20 minutes to bake
  • Hand-tossed crust requires 12 to 16 minutes of cooking
  • Thin crust calls for approximately 10 to 15 minutes cook time
  • Specialty crust needs about 8 to 9 minutes to cook
  • Original rising crust pizza requires roughly 12 minutes of baking
  • Crispy pan pizzas call for around 13 to 19 minutes to cook

How Can I Tell That My Digiorno Pizza is Cooked?

You can determine if your pizza is thoroughly cooked by looking if its cheese has melted and is already bubbly.


Of course, it’s vital to carefully inspect if the pizza has no indications of raw dough and ingredients.

Use a toothpick and insert it into the center portion of the pizza. If the toothpick comes out clean without gluey dough, then this is a sign that the pizza is done.

Furthermore, you can pinpoint if the pizza is fully baked by observing its crust’s color. The crust should have a golden brown color, free of any indications of uncooked dough.

Fortunately, if you adhere to these tips, you can ensure that cooking Digiorno pizza is done to perfection.

Is It Essential to Allow the Pizza to Rest For a Few Minutes Before Eating It?

Yes. We strongly recommend letting the Digiorno pizza rest for about five to ten minutes after you remove the pizza from the oven.

This approach protects you from burning your tongue and fingers and allows the flavor of the ingredients and toppings to absorb more.

It would help if you allowed the pie to cool down since it’s still baking even after you remove the pizza from the oven.

Practical Hints to Make Your Digiorno Pizza Taste More Delicious

1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F before baking your Digiorno pizza. This technique works like a charm in ensuring you enjoy a nicer and crispy crust.

2. When you’re ready to cook the pizza, you must preheat the baking sheet too. This method also works excellently in producing a crispy crust.

3. Are you craving a unique spice and tweak to your Digiorno pizza? If yes, you might want to put some red pepper flakes in the sauce before you spread it to the dough.

4. Add more cheese as long as you want on top of the sauce before cooking frozen pizza to create an incredibly cheesy pizza.

5. If you prefer your pizza to have a bit of sweetness in it, adding ham and pineapple before cooking is an excellent technique.

6. Would you like to enjoy eating your Digiorno pizza even more? Then, the perfect drink for this famous pizza is a cold glass of milk.

Final Thoughts

Admit it or not, regardless of how health-conscious you are, it’s a severe challenge to resist a Digiorno pizza.

It’s okay to enjoy your cheat day once in a while, so don’t worry about the pizza’s calorie content.

So long as you strictly follow the correct preparations, recommended temperature, and cooking time of your Digiorno pizza, you’re guaranteed to enjoy it with loved ones and friends.

The best thing about cooking frozen pizza is that you can eat it no matter the time of day.

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