How Long to Cook Cannabutter in Crockpot?

Like most people, do you enjoy crock pot cannabutter? You can still enjoy this iconic butter in the privy of your home.

Find out how you can master the same by knowing that you are just in the right place.

How often have you desired to learn the most effective and more straightforward ways of How Long to Cook cannabutter in a Crockpot?

Has It Occurred to You That You Can Make Your Cannabutter?


If you have spent money on buying these from stores, you will appreciate every effort in being able to make cannabis-infused butter yourself. I want to inspire you to try it out.

Whether a beginner or a pro at making edibles, the instructions are straightforward to follow and allow you to enjoy some of the best and mouth-watering cannabutter on a crock pot.

Nothing would give you peace of mind than knowing that you can enjoy crock pot butter at home. Cannabis, sometimes known as marijuana, is one essential herb in the medical field and our lives.

There is more than one way to do so, by using an ordinary stove and a crock pot. You will also need to be very patient as it takes a long time to make potent cannabutter.

Cannabutter is a smoke-free edible product consisting of cannabis and butter infused together and cooked at low temperatures.

It is popular because it is used in making marijuana-edible products like pastries and candies of all kinds.

Cannabis has been commonly used for health purposes among cancer patients who experience vomiting or are in excruciating pain, for anxiety and pleasure.

It has also been used over the years as a sleeping aid and, if not checked, can be overused or abused.

What Does the Cannabutter or Cannabis-Infused Butter Recipe Require?

Cannabutter or Cannabis-Infused

Before purchasing the requirements, are you looking for a butter product you can use in your edibles? I hope you do not intend to get high.

Gather and assemble the following for your recipe to enjoy:-

  • 1 pound butter – not salted
  • Cannabis flower or ground cannabis
  • 1 cup of water
  • Slow cooker/crock pot
  • Additionals:
  • Cooking thermometer
  • Cheesecloth or metal strainer
  • Baking sheet
  • Wooden spoon
  • Mason jar

Once these are gathered, we are ready to go. (Just for your information, those with a higher THC tolerance should opt for hemp flowers known to contain it in negligible amounts. 

For a beginner, start slow on a 1:1 ratio and increase with time as you perfect the art.

Do you like experimenting with new things? Below is a recipe you will enjoy. 

Depending on the users, one can use many other ways to make the infusion, But today, we will show you one of the available and easier ways.


Discover how to make your decarbed cannabis (an essential factor in its edible products). Doing this will allow you to make a product with a more pungent smell for use in your edibles.

Step One: Preheat the oven.

On a baking sheet, spread the finely ground leaves. Cover using a lid or a pan and bake for 45 minutes. Keep monitoring the time with a kitchen thermometer. 

For decarbonization, you can also use an instant pot or mason jar (ensure it is tight). Remember to stir the cannabis from time to time. Once baked, remove and cool. 

Does cannabis have a distinctive potent smell or aroma? Yes, it does. Ensure to keep it under tight wraps and allow it not to seep out. Take note; you will raise attention, something you do not want to do when decarbonating. 

Not only that, but by allowing it to escape, you also lose its overall value in your recipe.

Step Two:  Plug in your slow cooker and turn it on at its highest level or temperature of 185 F, not higher, for better results, then reduce the heat. Upon getting warm, melt the butter and

Step Three:  Mix the cannabis and water while stirring simultaneously. For better results, cook it at 160 F for two to five hours.

Step Four:  Remove the cannabutter and let it cool; then strain using either the metal strainer or cheesecloth. Once it cools down, separate the water from the butter and let it harden. 

It is best to refrigerate the cooked cannabutter for two months at most or 6 months in a freezer.

After hardening, remove the crock pot cannabutter from the fridge, remove all remaining water traces, and store them in a tight jar.

Making cannabutter varies tremendously; some prefer longer periods, stretching to 18 hours. Cannabutter machines are known to be fast for those who prefer an easier route.

When it comes to heating, you will note that some prefer it higher while most opt for the lower heat.

When discussing How Long to Cook Cannabutter in Crockpot, it’s proper to note people have different preferences.

Is it True That Decarboxylating is Not Necessary?


Yes and No! 

There are two different reasons here. Firstly, using decarbonated cannabis helps in increasing its overall potential. Secondly, if not decarbonated, you tend to remain with an inactive product. 

It is worth noting that decarbing or decarboxylating helps convert the cannabis flower into a non-detoxification product for better health. You can rest easy knowing that you are in safe hands.

A little knowledge will go a long way. Raw cannabis contains THCA, which potentially should turn to THC upon heating; this explains why it is smoked. 

Manycannabutter communities prefer to cook it for longer hours to avoid decarboxylating cannabis. This can extend from between 5 – 19 hours.

What is the Difference Between a Stove Made and a Crock Pot Made Edible?

Are you in love with enjoying your butter to the very end?

The crock pot takes longer to cook, and you are sure of having the original made easy cannabutter; the stove-cooked will give you the weed butter, only you will have to stay around to avoid it burning.

How Long Should the Cannabis-Infused Take to Cook?

Reliable sources from the Cannabutter community indicate numerous ways of making cannabutter. This basically depends on preferences and/or experiences.

But we must agree that one thing is sure. Despite the mode of making the butter, it can range from 10 minutes using a cannabutter machine to 5-18 hours, depending on a user’s preference.

The standard time is between 2 and 5 hours. 


Finally, the crock pot cannabutter edible has gained popularity in many homes. A large number of bakers continue to infuse it in their final baking products.

Instant pot cannabutter is made from two simple products: unsalted butter and cannabis or marijuana or weed, as others call it.

Cannabutter can be used generally in most baking and making it does not require much. All you need is unsalted butter from your pantry and buying cannabis from a trusted supplier.

Next time you sit down to enjoy the delicious cannabutter, you will appreciate the time and effort spent learning the effective, simple ways of How Long to Cook Cannabutter in Crockpot?

We trust you have found this information effective as you enjoy being the new chef in town. Next time you require a cannabutter recipe, you now know.

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