How Many Cups in 12 Tablespoons of Butter?

This section will demonstrate how to change 12 tbsp to cups of butter.

Before we go any further, you should be aware that tablespoons could be written as tbsp, so 12 tbsp to cups is equivalent to 12 tablespoons.

In the world of cooking, salted butter is frequently weighed out in tablespoons.

The majority of recipes either call for 12 or 8 tbsp of butter. What does that mean, though?

Twelve and eight tablespoons of butter equal how many cups? Find out by reading on! A dairy product made from whipped cream or milk is butter.

It can be utilized as a spread, a garnish, or a baking ingredient. Usually, butter is marketed in sticks, each 1/2 cup (8 tbsp) in size.

Why Is Butter Made Available in Stick Form?

Rectangular or square sticks or blocks are the most typical shapes for american butter packaging.

The cubed-off corners of butter sticks or blocks enable them to pack, are easier to ship, and are much simpler to stockpile in chillier shelves at the supermarket.

Stick Form

You might occasionally see some wrapped butter in dairy cases.

Like margarine, stick butter is simpler to handle and quantify than scoopable spreads.

These butter substitutes should not be creamed with sugar to make pound cake or mixed into flour to make homemade biscuits; they are more suitable for spreading on toast or slathering on the cob of corn.

Can I Substitute Melted Butter for Softened Butter?

No, you cannot substitute melted butter for solid or softened butter in a recipe.

In summary, the changes that occur to butter whenever it passes from a liquid to a solid will adversely affect the final dish.

For instance, using softened butter in a sugar cookie dough that considers cold, solid butter will probably indicate the pastry is too greasy to flip and the pastries too plain to eat.

Instead of using soft butter in a cake, use melted butter to avoid an oily or non-rising cake.

Can Butter Pieces Be Frozen?

Without a doubt, butter can be frozen.

Put it in the refrigerator if you are overbought or if a neighbor gave you some of one’s Costco haul.

The sticks can be placed directly into the deep freezer, but to prevent them from soaking up any refrigerator odors, we advise putting them in an airtight container.

Start moving the sticks you require into the refrigerator and defrost them for 24 hours before using them. As you would for any other recipe, use them.

Tablespoon Conversion to Cup Conversion

Divide the amount of butter even by conversion factor to turn a tbsp measurement into a cup measurement.

Since 16 tablespoons are equivalent to 1 Cup of butter, you can convert using the following straightforward formula:

1 cup = tbps ÷ 16

To calculate butter in cups, divide tablespoons by 16.

5 tbsp = (5 ÷ 16) = 0.3125 c

For illustration, use the formula above to turn five tablespoons into cups.

Butter is measured in both tablespoons and cups.

To find out more about each unit of measurement, continue reading.

Butter Measurement Cheat Sheet


8 Tablespoons of butter is equal to ½ Cup. This weight is four oz. or ¼ pound and 57 grams.

12 Tablespoons of butter is equal to ¾ Cup. The weight of this is six oz. And 170 grams.


One tablespoon equals 1/8 of a long stick, or 1/2 ounce, of butter.

Although it can also be written as Tbls, T, or Tb, a tablespoon is abbreviated as tbsp.

For example, a tablespoon can be written as one tbsp, one T, one Tbl, or one Tb.

8 Tbsp of Butter Match How Many Cups?

When cooking, measuring ingredients is not always straightforward.

It would be best to use math occasionally to obtain the proper measurement.

We will respond to the query: How many cups are there in eight tablespoons of butter today? Find out by reading on!

Divide the amount of tbsp by 16 to convert to cups. 8 tbsp divided by 16, therefore, equals 1/2 cup.

Additionally, when in the kitchen, keep converting measurements such as these on hand so that you can quickly and easily refer to them when necessary.


Two sticks, or half a pound, equals to one Cup of butter. Cups can be written as c and are occasionally written as C.

One Cup, for instance, can be composed as 1c or 1C.

In cups, how many tablespoons of butter are there?

3/4 of a cup of butter is equivalent to twelve tablespoons. Knowing this measurement can be helpful when baking since many recipes specify exact amounts of butter.

Divide the amount of tbsp by 16 to convert to cups.

The result of multiplying 12 tablespoons by 16 is 3/4 of a cup. To ensure that the final product changes out as desired, it is crucial to measure ingredients for baking precisely.

Conversion between various measurement units will come naturally with a bit of practice.

How Should Cups and Tablespoons be Measured?

The most accurate way of measuring cups and tablespoons may change depending on what you’re weighing.

Cups and Tablespoons

For instance, it’s typically best to use a fluid measuring cup when measuring liquid ingredients.

These cups frequently have markings for various measurements, so you can keep adding liquid until it fills to the right level.

  • Measure the cup or tablespoon’s length and width using a ruler or tape measurer.
  • For determining the size of a cup or tablespoon, use a fluid measuring cup.
  • Using a dry measuring cup, determine the cup’s or tablespoon’s weight.
  • Use a food scale to determine how many grams or ounces are in the Cup or tablespoon.
  • To determine the cup or tablespoon’s capacity, use a measuring cup.
  • Using a metric conversion table to convert cup or tablespoon measurements.
  • To convert cup or tablespoon measurements, use an online calculator.

Finally, quantify the cups and tbsp with the aid of a printable reference sheet.

To get the exact result you want from your baking, it’s imperative to measure ingredients precisely.

Converting between various measurement units will come naturally with a bit of practice.

You might be left a little confused if a recipe you’re holding refers to butter in aspects of pounds and cups.

Depending on your place, butter comes in blocks or sticks, but not cups.

Furthermore, since it is a solid rather than a liquid, measurement system cups aren’t much use.

How do you calculate the amount of butter in cups, tbsp, and sticks? And how do you translate butter measurements into something you can easily comprehend?

It’s simple; follow the steps above!

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