Is Chicken Considered a Meat?

Sometimes, we can’t help but ask, “Is chicken meat?”

Generally, they categorize poultry from other types of meat differently, making us feel more confused.

Chicken is regarded as meat, where meat is defined as a type of food that originates from animal flesh.

But, the thing is, some people categorize poultry as distinct from other types of meat, including lamb, beef, and pork, which leaves us more puzzled.

Skip through the post below to answer whether or not the chicken is considered meat.

Meat Versus Poultry


In truth, poultry is meat. What sets it apart from meat is that it comes from a bird’s flesh, while red meat comes from mammals’ flesh.

Bird and mammal flesh are both suitable for human consumption, and we must cook them before consuming them.

Poultry and meat are prone to diseases brought about by bacteria and fungi.

For this reason, it’s essential to market, handle, cook, and store them accordingly to avert the potentiality of foodborne diseases or food positioning.

Meanwhile, it’s good to note that different sects and religions consume meat on different occasions and rituals.

Indeed, there are particular beliefs and rules specific to different religions and regions regarding consuming meat.

Is Chicken Meat?


Yes, chicken is meat since it comes from an animal’s flesh that is generally used for human consumption.

Generally speaking, the term “meat” pertains to all types of animals’ flesh.

Additionally, chicken is categorized as meat because you cook and store it as other types of meat.

For instance, meat tends to have more hazardous fungi or bacteria than other foods.

Hence, it’s crucial to use separate chopping boards and utensils and cook them separately to avoid contamination.

Similarly, washing utensils and handling other cooking equipment are critical when handling raw chicken or other types of meat.

Cleaning the area where you handled, prepared, and cooked the meat is also essential to inhibit the likelihood of foodborne diseases.

As for storage, you need to be more meticulous when storing meat than when storing vegetables.

Since poultry and meat juices tend to dip transiently in the refrigerator, you must place them in the bottom container.

Furthermore, chilling or freezing meat and poultry products is the best method to keep them from going bad.

Not following the correct meat storage procedures is likelier to cause food contamination, leading to food poisoning.

Since all these factors apply to chicken meat, it’s considered meat.

Just like mutton and beef, you’re susceptible to acquiring foodborne diseases if you don’t prepare or store the chicken meat accordingly.

Fundamentally, food safety agencies provide the standard guidelines for preparing and handling meat to prevent food poisoning incidents.

These guidelines don’t differentiate meat and chicken.

Thus, you can regard chicken as meat and must handle and prepare it the way you handle and prepare other types of meat.

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Why is Chicken Sometimes Unclassified as Meat?

Sometimes, they don’t classify chicken as meat because it doesn’t come from a mammal’s flesh.

Generally, beef, lamb, and pork are categorized as meat since they originate from a mammal’s flesh.

And, since chicken comes from a bird’s flesh, it’s occasionally disconnected from other types of meat. Chiefly, one of the probable reasons is that chicken is not red meat.

Beef, lamb, and pork meat are red, while poultry usually has dark or white meat.

This difference separates it from red meat, which is why some people are baffled about the slight difference between meat and poultry.

Still and all, if you prefer a healthy diet or a lighter meat option, poultry is better.

That said, people on a diet prefer consuming white or dark meat to improve their diets significantly.

White meat typically includes turkey, chicken, and duck.

For instance, you can make a chicken salad if you want a satisfying meal rich in protein but low-fat in.

While chicken meat is considered a healthier option, eating it in moderation is advisable.

Consider removing chicken skin when cooking dishes, as this portion contains fat, especially when deep-fried.

What About Other Types of Poultry? Are They Considered Meat?

You might be curious about duck, pheasant, and turkey, which are the other types of poultry we usually eat.

All these main types of poultry are considered meat since they all originate from an animal’s flesh.

While they are not classified as red meat and don’t contain more fats, they are still regarded as meat by most recognized definitions.

Do Vegans Eat Chicken Meat?

Unfortunately, vegans strictly don’t consume any animal flesh. Therefore, if you’re a natural vegan, you must avoid eating animal flesh.

While other people eat fish or chicken meat and still consider themselves “vegans,” the term does not apply to such practices.

Why is Chicken Not Classified as Red Meat?

Red Meat

It’s worth mentioning that only meat from pigs, cattle, sheep, and lambs is regarded as red meat.

The reason is that their meat contains superior myoglobin levels that cause their red color.

On the other hand, white meat consists of fish, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, and other types of birds.

White meat contains low myoglobin levels, which gives poultry meat white color when you cook them.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, chicken is meat because you handle, store, prepare, and cook it the same way you do with other types of meat.

Since chicken contains low fat, it is ideal for healthy eating and lifestyle, particularly for those who want to improve their diet.

What distinguishes chicken from other types of meat is its white color.

The best thing about it is that it is rich in protein, yet it doesn’t contain more fat or cholesterol than other meats.

What do you think about this article? Do you agree that chicken is meat?

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