Panty Dropper Cocktail (Shot) Recipe

Do you find the panty dropper cocktail or shot’s name strangely odd?

Many people might consider this shot’s name incredibly intriguing as it seems it contains something “special” that you won’t find in other cocktail recipes.

While the panty dropper shot sounds a bit flirtatious and funny at the same time, many cocktail lovers who have tried this drink found it pretty palatable, making you crave more.

Its common ingredients include lemonade concentrate or mix, beer, and vodka.

This cocktail isn’t ideal for all drinkers, especially youngsters.

As such, it’s more recommendable during bachelorette parties.

Would you like to discover what this cocktail contains? If so, start reading the post below to get started!

The Origin of Pantry Dropper Cocktail

This shot is always a preferred one because it comes in several variations. Indeed, finding cocktail recipes, shot, and punch versions of this drink is no sweat.

For this reason, it isn’t surprising why ordering this shot to appease your fruity shot cravings often leave you overly delighted at the bar.

Since this cocktail comes in several versions, the taste of this shot mainly depends on the ingredients the bartender uses.

Some bartenders include gin and coconut flavors in this cocktail to give it a unique taste and feel.

Initially, it’s vital to have all the liquid ingredients in equal measurements.

Likewise, you can freely change these measurements if you prefer making your variation more distinctive in taste.

Typical ingredients used when making the panty dropper cocktail include fruity schnapps, such as blueberry, raspberry, and vodka.

The fruit juice components of this shot give it a sweet and fruity taste that’s so relaxing and refreshing to drink.

Panty Dropper Cocktail

Panty Dropper Cocktail

This cocktail can consistently serve as the perfect drink to start a special event.
It contains a delectable mixture of blueberry schnapps, a tasty mix of vodka, and cranberry juice.
As a result, it can explicitly flatter even the most selective palates.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Cocktails
Servings 1 Drink
Calories 402 kcal


  • 1 Cocktail Shaker


  • 2 oz Cranberry Juice
  • 2 oz Raspberry Vodka (or Regular Vodka if you prefer)
  • 2 oz Blueberry Schnapps
  • Orange Twist (for Garnish)
  • A generous Scoop of Ice


  • Add the ingredients and ice to your cocktail shaker. Shake thoroughly for about 30 to 40 seconds.
  • Put ice in a high clear drinking glass, and sift the mixture into your cocktail glass into a shot glass 9 (if you’d like a shot) or over ice.
  • Use the orange twist as a garnish and a stirring stick. Serve and enjoy!


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Panty Dropper Shot Recipe Variations

You can make variations of the panty dropper cocktail or shot using many distinct ingredients.

Here are some options for you to try:

1. Pink Panty Dropper with Malibu

Finding it hard to think of a cocktail to serve during holidays or festivities? Then, a pink panty dropper with Malibu rum might be what you’re looking for.

If you’re in love with the taste of coconut rum, this recipe will undoubtedly hit the spot.

The result of adding this ingredient is a delicious frozen pink panty dropper cocktail that you won’t forget.


Two oz. of Malibu rum

One and ½ cups of pink lemonade concentrate


Three oz. of peach-flavored vodka

One and ½ cups of sliced strawberries or a wedge of lemon

One and ½ cup serving of vanilla ice cream

1 cup squashed ice in a mixer


1. Mix the vodka and pink lemonade concentrate in a big pitcher, ensuring that everything is mixed thoroughly. It’s crucial to work in batches if you plan to use a big pitcher.

You should apportion the liquid ingredients between each round if needed. Meanwhile, you can avoid spilling over the content if you’ll use a 5-gallon bowl instead.

2. Afterward, mix the fruit slices using a wooden spoon.

3. Once you apportion the mixture among six to twelve glass jars, carefully fill them with the rum. Be careful when mixing the rum.

4. Lastly, serve the cocktail with a lemon wedge or a slice of strawberry.

2. Pink Panty Pulldown Drink

For those partygoers who prefer a party drink or alcoholic punch that you can serve in a punch bowl, pantry dropper pulldowns are a must-try!

This drink does not require complicated ingredients, and you can have it ready in a few minutes.


1 liter of sprite

2 cups of vodka

2 cups of pink lemonade


1. Pour the 2 cups of vodka into a two-liter punch bowl.

2. Add the 2 cups of pink lemonade and 1 liter of the sprite.

3. Make sure that all the ingredients are adequately mixed all together.

4. Serve and have fun at the party.

3. Pink Panty Dropper Punch

Pink Panty Dropper Punch

If you’re wondering what crowd-pleasing drink to prepare for large gatherings, a pink panty dropper punch is a suitable choice since it’s effortless to make in large batches.

Unlike other cocktails, it’s affordable and doesn’t require purchasing complex ingredients that are sometimes unavailable in nearby grocery stores.



Beer (Bud light)


Pink lemonade concentrate (alternative: lemon juice or powder)

Slices of strawberries and lemon wedge (for garnish)


1. Put the slices of strawberry and lemon in the drink dispenser or punch jar/bowl.

2. Pour the tequila, vodka, and lemon concentrate, ensuring that all liquid ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

3. Add the beer and stir well.

4. Use the lemon wedge or slices of strawberry for garnish and serve immediately.

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Final Thoughts

The panty-dropper cocktail or shot is a never-failing drink option for bachelorette parties and other special gatherings.

This drink is easy to make, making it a favorite cocktail, shot, or punch to prepare, especially when you don’t have much time to prepare for a surprise party.

With several variations to select from, you can guarantee that everyone will enjoy the drink and the party will be a success.

The ingredients and procedures are not so demanding, making the panty dropper cocktail a sure hit for everyone.

You can serve different drink recipes countless times, and the ingredients are affordable.

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