Royal Flush Shot (or Cocktail) Recipe

Looking for a way to make your parties fun-filled and something to look forward to? Would you like to impress your guests and satisfy their quench with an enjoyable shot?

The Royal Flush Shot or Cocktail Recipe is a perfect go-to when it comes to a sophisticated cocktail option.

This cocktail offers a fascinating way to drink whiskey, allowing everyone to savor each sip.

Unlike other liquor shots, the Vegas bomb is not excessively sweet, making it ideal for duos or groups of buddies that want to enjoy partying all night.

Explore what unique ingredients you can add to make your Royal Flush drink taste better by leafing through the rest of the post below.

What’s a Royal Flush Shot or Cocktail?

Royal Flush Shot

This drink is a whiskey-based cocktail with peach schnapps and cranberry juice to balance its sweetness.

Its intriguing name originated from the highest possible poker hand, which labeled it the ideal drink when playing cards, especially in Las Vegas. 

Other recipes consist of black raspberry liquor called Chambord; however, the standard recipe does not contain this liquor, and its odor and taste work without additional alcohol.

Interestingly, the Royal Flush drink is one of the few shots in a bar that offers several health benefits.

Since it contains cranberry juice, which is known to be rich in antioxidants, it does wonder in counteracting body toxins.

You can lighten the acerbity of whiskey by adding some fruity elements when making the Royal Flush drink. This technique helps alleviate the intensity of the shot.

It’s worth mentioning that all schnapps liqueurs come with an alcohol base that’s been distilled with fruit juice.

As a result, the alcohol flavors are better improved by the organic fermentation of fruit juices. That said, you get to enjoy the robust yet gratifying botanical product.

While schnapps liqueurs are produced with several different fruits, peach is the most renowned alternative when mixing an alcoholic beverage and other drinks.

Detailed Guides to Make the Royal Flush Shot or Cocktail


The best thing about this drink is that you can freely decide whether to enjoy it as a cocktail or a shooter.

Equipment Required:

4-inch cocktail pick (used for a cocktail only)

Hawthorne strainer

Cocktail shaker


1 to 2 rocks glasses or 4 to 5 shot glasses

Ingredients to Prepare:

¼ to ½ oz. of Chambord

Two oz. of Crown Royal whiskey

1½ oz. of Cranberry Juice

One oz. of Peach Schnapps

Royal flush shot

Three maraschino cherries (used for a cocktail only)


1. Chill rocks glasses or shot glasses for satisfying results.

2. Carefully fill the cocktail shaker with ¾ of full ice.

3. Put the Chambord, peach schnapps, Crown Royal whiskey, and cranberry juice.

4. Return the lid to the shaker and thoroughly shake the mixture for approximately 30 seconds.

5. Remove the lid and switch it with the Hawthorne strainer.

6. Take out the rock or shot glasses from the freezer, and put the fresh ice on the rocks glasses.

7. Sift the cocktail into your rock or shot glasses. Please note that you must get between one or two cocktails or four to five shots.

8. Lastly, embellish your rock glasses with maraschino cherries on a 4-inch cocktail pick, and serve.

Why is It Recommendable to Use 100% Unsweetened Cranberry Juice When Making the Royal Flush Drink?

The sweetened version of cranberry juice makes the Royal Flush shot or cocktail overly sweet.

The unsweetened cranberry juice version is a better choice because it offers brilliant color and the right balance to your drink.

In addition, the sourness of cranberry serves as a neutralizer to the fruity peach. Also, it gives your drink a very enticing bright red color.

Add simple syrup to the Royal Flush drink to achieve the desired balance.

Practical Techniques for Making the Best-Tasting Royal Flush Shot

Royal Flush Shot

While it’s not considered a usual practice to store the bottle of whiskey inside the freezer, it’s necessary to do so when making the Royal Flush shot.

Dropping the whiskey’s temperature is an exceptional approach to moderate unwanted and distasteful flavors in the liqueur.

Likewise, a shaker must be used when making this shot. Otherwise, it will be challenging to combine all the cold ingredients entirely and ensure they remain well-blended.

Employing physical movement and some force is an effortless method to get around the temperature drop and produce a more consistent shot flavor.

Once done utilizing the shaker to combine the cold ingredients, the Royal Flush shot will transform to a pale pink color when you pour it.

Embellishing this popular shot with maraschino cherry can give it a more captivating look and taste.

We strongly recommend preparing a bowl of maraschino cherries on the side when serving the Vegas Bomb to your guests, as this is one great way of impressing and pleasing them.

Why is It Advisable to Take Small Sips of the Royal Flush Drink?

Rolling this alcoholic drink into your mouth so you can savor its different flavors is absolutely worth a try.

Meanwhile, the shot version is produced by mixing different types of whiskeys, allowing you to feel various flavors simultaneously.

Initially, the shot might have a strangely alcoholic taste; nonetheless, you’ll observe the slight differences over time.

Consider smelling the whiskey a few times to stimulate your fussy taste buds.

Final Thoughts

The Royal Flush Shot or Cocktail is a subtle whiskey-based drink that will lure your guests during parties and gatherings.

It’s delightful to note that the bitter flavors of the berries have softened this alcoholic drink.

This option might perfectly suit your pick palate if you’re not the type who revels in exaggeratedly sweet drinks or cocktails.

You can also replace some of the ingredients if you want to give this popular shot a more distinctive flavor.

The next time you host an event or party, try making this Royal Flush Shot or Cocktail Recipe and make your guests enjoy every sip.

We strongly suggest keeping an eye on your alcohol consumption and avoiding binge drinking if you get easily drunk.

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